Yugioh Online Chat – Episode 2!

Yugioh Online Chat – Episode 2!
EDIT:Hey guys…..I’m soooooo freaking sorry!!!!!! I keep saying “oh I’m gonna post the next video soon!” and it ends up being so much later than intended…I really do have all the plot and such ready, but I’ve always had this issue of actually posting it…So, if someone would like to help me, I mean like be apart of this whole disaster, then we-being whoever I work with- can help me with the uploading part and such. I’ve honestly been really busy with life and feel terrible that I keep letting you guys down. Overall, if you want to be apart of this, whatever it is, then message me and I’ll get back to you on what the plan is. Again, I really am sorry.

Hey, sorry about the wait…i kinda slacked off a bit, but be aware there is light yaoi! i don’t own anything and i will soon try to get some music on them! comment request and rate, but no flame! i won’t tolerate any flame…THANKS. Oh and if you want, feel free to suggest something for the next episode.

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