We receive thousands of calls every week. Everyone’s having fun, chatting, making new friends and hooking up.


Just a little reminder, however, to keep safe by using common sense.


Please note the following tips help maintain your safety:


  • When recording your Chat City Introduction, do not include your surname, address, telephone numbers, work place,email address or any other information identifies who you are or your daily routines.

  • Not everyone you chat with may be who they claim to be.

  • If you decide to meet someone, suggest meeting at a busy place and preferably during the day.

  • If you do arrange an outing with another person, ask a friend to accompany you and stay until you feel comfortable.

  • If you decide to meet someone, make sure you notify someone close to you about who you are meeting and where.

  • Always trust your instincts if you feel wary about someone you meet.


*Your free access is for a limited time. Standard toll fees apply to callers outside of Melbourne.

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