Resident Evil Outbreak ONLINE co-op w/ friends! Come chill in chat!

Resident Evil Outbreak ONLINE co-op w/ friends! Come chill in chat!
Resident Evil Outbreak File #1 running on PCSX2, online play through servers.

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Please keep in mind this is a 18+ channel. I swear a lot. I say inappropriate and, to some, shocking things, and it’s just how I am. If any of this offends you, I suggest finding a new streamer to watch. I can only be myself!

▶ NO backseating*. Backseating = telling me what to do in a game like “go here, do this”, how to play, or giving tips and advice. If you keep backseating despite warnings, you will be banned. Please respect this rule. You don’t want me coming into your house telling you how to run your life, do you? Everyone has different ways to play, and your’s may not be the best for ME.

▶ ENGLISH ONLY please! I love every country, but I need to understand what people are saying in my stream. It’s really annoying to not understand eachother so please use english so we can all communicate.

▶ Don’t self-promote your channel or a friend’s channel. I worked my way up the sub ladder, so should you. Do not ask for shoutouts either, just say hi like a normal person and 9/10 times I will reply.

▶ PLEASE spare me comments like “You can do this girl”, “You got this Kat” etc, if I am having an off day as a gamer I don’t need cheerleaders. I do NOT want to feel belittled or talked down to in my own streams. I have very high standards for my gaming, so if I say I’m doing badly, I am doing badly for MY standards.

▶ Don’t be sexist, racist or use slurs. Be a bit easy on the dank memes. Don’t spam, don’t start drama. It’s easy to not be a douchebucket. Use common sense, if it isn’t fun or good-natured, it does not belong in here.

*Disclaimer – This clause supports protection to the streamer, Sniper Kat Six, acknowledging that you are the proper owner of the funds being donated as a voluntary gift transaction to the stream, and by clicking “pay with PayPal” that you acknowledge that no refunds are offered and cannot be withdrawn/charged back.
PLEASE ALSO NOTE; donations are given FREELY and voluntarily. It does not give you any other rights or special treatment outside of the endorsed sponsor privileges. Donating does not win you any favors with me.

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