Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – PS VITA – Raise Your Bond Trophy Guide + Chat Mini Game

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment – PS VITA – Raise Your Bond Trophy Guide + Chat Mini Game
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Welcome to my Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment video. In this video I am showing you how to get the raise your bond trophies with ALL the heroines. I also show you the chat mini game and give some hints / tips on it.

I have done a Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment ENGLISH / CHINESE FULL GAME Sony Playstation Vita (PS VITA) Let’s Play / Walkthrough / Playthrough / Gameplay on my modded PS VITA for direct high quality capture. Rendered in 1080P for stunning gameplay footage and high quality sound.

The Walkthrough will consist of ONLINE / MULTIPLAYER / CO OP gameplay as well as SOLO / SINGLE PLAYER gameplay. Bare in mind the Online is ADHOC only to begin with, but the game is meant to be getting a patch for online play over Wifi at some point.

The Chinese / English version is the one of the only physical version you can purchase. The UK / US versions are digital only, so if you prefer a boxed game, this could be the version for you.

Role-Playing Game (RPG) developed by Namco Bandai

The game is divided into two parts: the first is the “floor clearing” chapter, which is basically the previous game, Infinity Moment, embedded into this game, and alongside that there is a new “Hollow Area” chapter, which includes parts that allow multiplayer gaming and has some new stories, which involves “Laughing Coffin” and a new player character, Philia.

The Floor Clearing part’s story would mostly be same as the story of the previous game, with the exception of Sinon, Leafa and Strea appearing in the game early during the process of the clearing of the 76th Floor, the appearance of Yuuki after clearing this part of story for the first time, and some new scenes for characters that had only be included in this game, but not the prior one.

Gameplay system is similar to the Infinity Moment’s gameplay system. However, a burst gauge, which allows continuous attacks as long as the player has enough burst energy left, was added to its battle system. Also, the system allows each player to create their own non-player character to battle alongside with, as well as linking up with a maximum of 4 other players who are playing the game on the PlayStation Vita to play the game simultaneously, allowing players to form their own raid teams. A region, called Hollow Area, that was added to the game is designated for such multiplayer gameplay.

Video Features;
This video shows you how to get these Bronze and Silver trophies;
Flash – Raise your bond with Asuna to the max level
Beast Tamer – Raise your bond with Silica to the max level
Master Macer – Raise your bond with Lisbeth to the max level
Fairy – Raise your bond with Leafa to the max level
Sniper – Raise your bond with Sinon to the maz level
Don’t Cheat, Daddy – Raise your bond with all heroines to the max level (Including Strea)
You must raise Strea’s bond BEFORE reaching floor 90 of Aincrad, because she will vanish and you won’t have the option to do so.

Bond and affection are two different things. You can check your bond level by pressing START, then go to FRIENDS. Scroll through all the leading females and look at the ‘Friend Data’ on the right hand side of the screen. Look for a bar which says Rank above it. This is the bond level and to get the trophies it MUST be at level 5.

Personally I say play through the game for a while and then combine that with the chat mini game to fast level up bond, or at least it’s the less grindy way. Teaming up, doing events, giving gifts, going on a date and doing the chat mini game are ALL ways to raise bond level.

Here is a handy forum guide to increasing affection and bond; http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/734608-sword-art-online-hollow-fragment/69942390
Personally I have found that you should take the girl to the fountain (By the teleport gate) and sit on a bench. When a YELLOW text bubble appears start the chat. When you reach level 1 you should go to Kirito’s room and hold hands, then continue chatting.
I have found that when breasts, legs, waist and anything legendary is mentioned press CIRCLE, and mostly everything else you should press the R SHOULDER BUTTON

Outro music used in this video is Royalty FREE music, provided by Youtube from the Audio Library.
Song Name – It’s All Happening
Duration – 2:05
Artist – Huma-Huma
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