Online Chat Warning – Natural Disasters Trick – Philippines

Online Chat Warning – Natural Disasters Trick – Philippines
Filipinas and online chatting.

Be aware that I have encountered some Nigerian scammers posing as Filipinas and have also met a number of accounts operating out of Mindanao in the Philippines (where insurgents are fighting) posting profiles with local filipino actresses and tv star photographs.

Please check the google images and do a cross match of the photos you get from your prospective online date.

One of the scams the filipinas will use is the natural disaster scam. I have encountered situations where i live in the Philippines myself and friends have said they have yielded cries of help because of earthquake, typhoon or flood yet I have said my area (which also was the same area as the girls) was unaffected.

Please be careful. In most cases this is a scam and the girls will be just going through their list of 100’s if not more foreigner guys and asking for money under false pretences.

Shame. The Philippines is such a nice country but there are MANY girls that abuse the good nature of the majority of the Filipino people and ply scams online through dating websites.

This is based on actual experience. If you want to make comment please make factual constructive comment based on experience and not hot headed opinion.

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