Naruto Online Chat 1- Shut Up Sasuke

Naruto Online Chat 1- Shut Up Sasuke

Flow by Remember
Born to be Wild – AC/DC
This Moment by Disturbed
Everytime We Touch by Cascada
Down and Out – Tantric

Hope you enjoy.

*Please note: this video includes adult language.

I do not own any of these song nor do I own any part of the Naruto franchise.

Personalities/Chat Names
Naruto Uzumaki:Knucklehead, pretty much same in series, KyuubiKid100

Sasuke Uchiha: Joker, messes with people, more like Naruto, Leaf Demon-Nin

Sakura Haruno: Same in series, angrier then usual, CherryGirl13

Kiba Inuzuka: More serious then in series, gullible, friendly, DawgzOwn83

Hinata Hyuuga: Shy, almost same in series, more sensitive: Princess Hyuuga100

If you don’t get Sasuke’s joke to Kiba, don’t ask.

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