How to Chat with Strangers Online

How to Chat with Strangers Online
This tutorial will show you how to talk to strangers online.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to chat with strangers. This can be great if you are looking to make some friends online.

Step # 1 — Finding a Chat Website

To chat with people online, you will first need to find a good chat website. For this tutorial, we will be using “Chat Avenue,” so go to “”

Step # 2 — Finding a Chat Room by Category

When you first arrive to Chat Avenue, you will notice a bunch of categories in the center of the page. There are chat rooms for college students, dating, music, and even video games. Click the “video games chat” button.

Step # 3 — Opening a Chat Room

When you enter the video game chat section, you will first need to pick a username. Type in the username you want to use next to “Nickname,” then click “Chat Now.” You will then be connected to the chat room and the site will spend a moment loading, you can then chat with strangers about video games.

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