Chat Filters and Similar Features – Black Desert Online Guides – Lou’s Mechanics

Chat Filters and Similar Features – Black Desert Online Guides – Lou’s Mechanics
The Mediah Update is out today (March 30) for Black Desert Online (BDO) and introduces a much-requested feature: Chat Filters. Lou looks at the Chat Filters feature and other controls to help maintain order on the screen and in chat.

In this episode of Lou’s Mechanics, Lou discusses the new Chat Filters feature introduced to Black Desert Online in the Mediah Update. Additionally, Lou reviews the chat window controls themselves as well as the System Notifications controls. With these features, players can silence gold sellers, filter for unruly conduct, and ensure that relevant messages are not lost in a sea of unrelated material.

Introduced in the Mediah Update, the new Chat Filters feature lets players specific one or more words or phrases for Black Desert Online to scan for in the chat window. If any of the words or phrases appear in a particular chat statement, the entire statement is blocked. Additionally, the chat and system notifications controls let players further fine tune what information the game provides and/or what information is displayed on the screen.

In Black Desert Online or Black Desert, you can take on the mantle of any one of eight different classes–including the Blader, the Valkyrie, the Tamer, and the Berserker–to explore a lush and beautiful fantasy world. Black Desert allows gamers to not only hunt monsters and grind for loot, but also includes crafting, fishing, cooking, housing, and a complex economic/manufacturing model where players can invest in the world’s infrastructure and build vast economic empires with self-sufficient farms, housing complexes, and industries.

Everything about Black Desert Online is stunning. The graphics are gorgeous, the sound is spectacular, and the combat is snappy and exceedingly fun. Unlike many other Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games, the combat in BDO is not a “Press 1” then “Press 2” affair. Instead, skills and moves are executed using a combination of key presses that let you chain skills together based on your skill and muscle memory.

That said, bear in mind that this is a Korean MMO, which means there may be some quirky localization. I haven’t discovered anything like that yet, but the voice over can have some strange inflections sometimes–but those instances are few and very far between. For the most part, I’m still dumbfounded that almost every NPC in Black Desert Online is voiced and has unique dialogue.

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There’s a wealth of depth to Black Desert Online which I have yet to even come to grips with. This may be a situation where players are best served by getting very good at one aspect of BDO rather than trying to be jacks of all trades (and masters of none).

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